Tourist Guide – Mussomeli

Make the most of your stay at Viola bed and breakfast by visiting the nearby attractions that our town offers. For those who love long walks, Mussomeli is a city of extraordinary beauty that can be enjoyed and explored for days.

A short walk for our B&B is the main square of Mussomeli, Piazza Umberto I, where you can see the monument dedicated to those fallen “paesani” (towns people) in the war. Also piazza Umberto has great significance it is where the towns people also commemorate crucifixion of Christ every good Friday. The square is also home to the church “San Francesco” which dates back to around 1500 which houses a beautiful “Immacolata” by Francesco Biancardi (XIX century), and painting of St. Francesco di Paola of the seventeenth century and another from the eighteenth century depicting St. Liborius.

Continuing further into the “Centro Storico” (old town of Mussomeli) you can admire the beautiful church of S. Ludovico ( Chiesa Madre) built in the second half of the fourteenth century by Manfredi III. Next to the Chiesa Madre stands the church of SS. Sacramento where “la Bolla” of Pope Julius III issued in 1554, is kept. Do not miss the splendid baroque stucco work of Giacomo Serpotta that can be found within the Church of St. Margherita (also located in the old town).

Continuing our journey, down “Via Minneci”, we can see the clock tower that was built around 1570 by Don Cesare Lanza. From piazza Roma you great a view of the Clock where we will find the seventeenth century Palazzo Trabia, home for more than three hundred years of the lords of the area.

Continuing towards the most southern part of the town you will find the Church of St. Antonio build around 1400 and the Church of San Domenico (Sanctuary of Madonna dei Miracoli) which is one of the most beautiful and oldest in Mussomeli.

The first building dates back to 1530, the year of the miracle of the paralytic. According to tradition, the place where the miracle took place, a painting of the Madonna and baby Jesus was found on stone and now worshiped in the crypt of the Shrine. To remember “Madonna dei Miracoli” of the nineteenth century, by Biancardi, placed above the altar, Patroness of Mussomeli.

If you continue on top the other churches such as the Parish of Our “Maddona del Carmelo” and the Church of the Mountains, founded in 1557, you can enjoy a relaxing time in the company of the warm hospitality of the “paesani” (towns people) of Mussomeli, take advantage of the many villas/parks that are located nearby.

If you have more time at your disposal, you can leave the tourist track and see the other great sites around our magical city.

Such as:

Il Castello Manfredonico (Castello di Mussomeli)
Archeologia: Polizzello & Raffe
Valle dei Templi (Valley of Temples)

If you want to do something different or treat the kids to a fun day out then why not visit the nearby water park (Scivolandia) only 10 minutes from our bed & breakfast & the town of Mussomeli.

Castello di Mussomeli

The Chiaramonte Castle, built in 1370 in Norman-Gothic style stands on a high crag at 778 meters, 2 km outside of Mussomeli.Retaining many of its original features including the chapel with a precious alabaster depicting the Madonna dell Catena. Read more...

Valley of the Temples

Sicily boasts some of the best preseved temples outside of Greece. One tourist attraction not to be missed is the archaeological site in Agrigento. The famous Valle dei Templi is located just 30 minutes south of Viola Bed & Breakfast on the south coast of the Sicily. Read more...

Madonna dei Miracoli

Every year the towns people of Mussomeli celebrate the festa of the Madonna the patron saint of the town. The day starts with 20 cannon shots and mass, announcing the beginning of the famous festivals of Our Lady of Miracles in Mussomeli. Read more.